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Specialty Book Making

Custom Printed HardCover Perfect Binding – A4, A3 & Custom Sizes
Custom Printed SoftCover Perfect Binding – A4, A3 & Custom Sizes


Large Format B/W Bond Copying & Plotting

Digital printing and copying of design & construction plans using the latest state of the art technology. High quality size-for-size or reduction/enlargement prints on bond, mylar & vellum. Hard copies or electronic files, we can take the most complicated set of drawings and specifications, take them and assemble your project into a clean and organized set of digital documents, making them easier to access and print.

Large Format Colour Inkjet Printing

Colour makes a difference! Oversize prints from 40” to any length output onto photo-base and presentation papers. This is the perfect choice for business presentations, architectural renderings and other colourful projects.


Scanning & Archiving

We have the ability to scan standard sized paper documents or full size construction drawings in b/w or colour, label and archive for your retrieval that will save your company time and money. You then have faster and easier access to your documents that is far more efficient that filing paper copies.

Small Format B/W Digital Printing & Copying

High quality documents reproduced on a variety of paper stocks at over 100 pages per minute printing directly from your digital files or paper originals.


Small Format Colour Printing & Copying

Make your documents stand out using our high quality Digital Colour Laser Printers. Colour is more affordable than ever and from presentations to flyers, you can add the enhancement of colour to your project without overextending your budget.

Finishing Services

The perfect print can be enhanced with a great finish! From various small format binding services such as coil binding to large format mounting & laminating on a variety of boards such as Foamcore and Ultraboard, we can turn your great print into a professional presentation.